A Basic Guide To Public Relations

People sometimes get a false impression of Public Relations. The word and its shorthand form PR are often associated with official statements, usually after a disaster has happened and the company is looking to limit the damage. However this is known as crisis management and is only one type of service.

Like any industry, there are a number of different PR firms that are employed for a number of different types of companies. Their aim is to raise awareness of products, services and individuals by a variety of methods such as press releases and advertising campaigns. Some are larger than others and some are more experienced than others.

You may want to go with some of the big name firms. There is nothing wrong with this and they often get a good reputation for a reason. However they can cost a lot of money and the service may not necessarily be appropriate for your business.

Some people prefer smaller companies because they are more intimate and you are more likely to be introduced to the person who will be handling your campaign. There is the added bonus that if they have only recently been established that they will make more of an effort to prove themselves.

You should also consider what type of campaign is appropriate for your business. This is where research and a background check can help you. Look at their website and see the portfolio of companies and individuals that they have represented. Check to see if it is appropriate for your individual needs.

For example, the needs of a company that sells organic soaps will probably be different to that of someone who promotes a mixed martial arts tournament. The language used in a press release will be different and so forth. A good firm will always bear in mind the likely target audience and tailor their promotions this way.

Whoever you decide to approach you should always consider your budget and who is likely to be right for you. If possible, you should see if there are some local firms. It is a cost effective way of promoting yourself and a good way of making your company grow, with many local media looking for content. When you feel a bit more confident you could look at promoting yourself on a national or wider level.