How Important is Public Relation Campaigns to Your Company?

Every company whether large or small should develop a press kit for distribution to media outlets and other news sources. The digital age is here and the greater number of sources that will publish your press releases online the greater your web presence will be in the future, as search engines index these sites and picks up the content. Your press release should contain keywords that you use to promote your product or service to your customers and words that will help you rise to the top of the search engines. Your pr program is another channel for branding your company as well.

Some basic information about your company, products, or services should be contained in your press kit. A press kit allows for easy distribution of company news to media outlets and other news sources. The following is a list of items you should have in your media kit.

Press Kit:

o Catalogs or Brochures

o Management Biographies

o Photos of your products or service

o Testimonials

o Company logos

o News Worthy Press Releases

o Photos of key employees

o Terms & Conditions for proper use of your company logo and/or trademarks

Another good way to build pr for your company is to have a press area on your website. This area should contain press releases from your company so the search engines can index the pages. Content is king! This will help in bringing your website up in the search engine rankings to help bolster favorable public perception about your company. Also, include ways for the media outlets to download copies of your latest press releases and company news (i.e. RSS, simple syndication Feed is Good) A digital press kit is fast and easy. You may want to require a non-formal registration so you can keep track of who is publishing your material. A few simple of tips for creating your press release can increase the publics’ perception about your company.


o Always make sure whatever you are writing about in news worthy

o Maximize your product or service keywords through-out the press release

o Always include some response generating mechanism (i.e. special phone number, website landing page, email address, or contact person).

o When writing try to create a picture in your customers’ mind of what it is you are offering.

o Make every press release very exciting.

A good pr program will help your company gain valuable customers’ and gain favorable public perception about your company. 80% of all internet users’ research companies, services, and products on the web before they commit to making a purchase (Source: and now is a good time as any to build your public relations programs to bolster your company into favorable standing with the general public.